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Administrative Leadership

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) 57 semester hours beyond a master's degree (maximum of 12 transfer hours)

Administrative Leadership Concentration - Designed for practicing or potential administrators, supervisors, or others who wish to work in educational leadership capacities

Core Classes (12 hours):
EDUC 538 Foundations of Leadership
EDUC 720 Ethical, Social, and Spiritual Leadership Principles
EDUC 721 Educational Leadership Theory and Policy Analysis
EDUC 722 Organizational Leadership:  Effecting Continuous Growth in a Culture of Change

Concentration Classes (24 hours):
EDUC 525 Legal and Ethical Issues
EDUC 723 Emergent Educational Leadership Trends and Topics
EDUC 574 Professional Learning Communities
EDUC 724 Financial Planning and Responsibilities
EDUC 573 Management of the School
EDUC 750 Mentored Residency Internship and Professional Portfolio
Additional 6 Semester Hours in a Cognate Area

Research Core (9 hours):
EDUC 751 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Design
EDUC 752 Critical Analysis and Research Design
EDUC 753 Professional Composition Studies

Doctoral Dissertation (12 hours)

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