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Spiritual Guidance and Care Course Requirements

The Spiritual Guidance and Care track consists of 51 hours of courses designed to prepare students to provide skilled pastoral care and to prepare students to pursue their licensure in professional counseling if desired. The following lists the course layout for the Spiritual Guidance and Care program.

I. Spiritual Guidance and Care Core, 18 hours

MSC 502 Theories and Techniques of Counseling, 3 hours
MSC 503 Personality Development and Holistic Mental Health, 3 hours
MSC 565 Group Counseling Procedures, 3 hours
MSC 566 Issues in Human Development, 3 hours
MSC 585 Professional Ethics, 3 hours
MSC 630 Counseling Research, 3 hours

II. Spiritual Guidance and Care Requirements, 24 hours

MSC 580 Helping Relationships in Crises, 3 hours
MSC 588 Internship (may be taken twice), 3 hours
MSC 589 Counseling Practicum, 3 hours
MSC 646 In Search of Yourself, 3 hours
MSC 652 Topics of Spirituality and Pastoral Care, 3 hours
MSC 653 Spirituality, 3 hours
MSC 641 Love, 1 hour module
MSC 642 Grief, 1 hour module
MSC 643 Anger, 1 hour module
MSC 644 Guilt, 1 hour module
MSC 645 Self-Esteem, 1 hour module
MSC 647 Resilience, 1 hour module

III. Spiritual Guidance and Care Electives, 9 hours

Students may choose nine hours from any of the Mental/Behavioral Health coursework and courses that are applicable from the School Counseling coursework. Students who plan to work toward LPC or LMFT licensure for Tennessee after graduation will to work closely with their advisors to include coursework needed. Additional coursework and supervision will be required after completion of the Master of Science in Counseling as required by specific states.



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