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School Counseling Course of Study

The School Counseling program at Carson-Newman has a minimum total credit requirement of 51 semester hours. Candidates who successfully complete course requirements, earn a passing score on the School Guidance and Counseling specialty area test of the National Teachers Examination (Praxis Series), and earn a passing score on Program Comprehensive Examination will fulfill requirements for Tennessee licensure as a Professional School Counselor in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve.


     MCS 502 Theories and Techniques of Counseling (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

     MSC 565 Group Counseling Processes (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

     MSC 585 Professional Ethics in Counseling (3 hrs), Fall

     MSC 630 Counseling Research (3 hrs), Fall AOL

     EDUC 566 Issues in Human Development (3 hrs), Spring/Summer

     MSC 503 Personality Development and Holistic Mental Health (3 hrs), FA/SPR/SU AOL


     MSC 501 Foundations in School Counseling (3 hrs), Fall

     MSC 611 Counseling Children & Adolescents (3 hrs), Spring

     MSC 580 Helping Relationships in Crises (3 hrs), Fall

     MSC 567 Career Development and Counseling (3 hrs), Spring

     MSC 568 Individual and Group Appraisal (3 hrs), Summer AOL

     MSC 612 Consultation and Collaboration (3 hrs), Summer AOL

     MSC 613 Design and Evaluation of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

     MSC 589 Counseling Practicum (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

     MSC 665 Internship in School Counseling {6 hours required} (3 or 6 hrs), Fall/Spring


     MSC 561 School Orientation for Counselors (3 hrs), Spring AOL

     SPED 508 Survey of Persons with Exceptionalities (3 hrs), Fall/Spring/May/SU

     MSC 639 Reality Therapy/Choice Theory (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

     MSC 584 Normal/Abnormal Behavior (3 hrs), Spring

     MSC 638 Play Therapy across the Lifespan (3 hrs), May

     MSC 569 Understanding Families (3 hrs), Fall/Spring

Candidates who do not have a teaching license will be required to take MSC 561 School Orientation for Counselors in accordance with Tennessee licensure requirements. Candidates who have not had a course equivalent to SPED 508 Survey of Persons with Exceptionalities will be required to take SPED 508 and may use this course as an elective.

For questions regarding CNU School Counseling Program, contact Dr. Michael Bundy, Director of School Counseling at

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