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Mental Health Program Objectives

The Mental/Behavioral Health track provides opportunities for the development of professional skills necessary in treating individual and family problems through various public and private mental health settings. Graduates with an MS degree in counseling will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the general nature of the counseling profession.
  2. Apply knowledge of appropriate counseling theories and techniques.
  3. Apply knowledge from areas of human growth and development to the specific problems and difficulties of individuals
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of diversity issues for particular social, gender, ethnic and other groups
  5. Develop plans and procedures that foster personal and interpersonal growth.
  6. Apply a philosophical basis underlying the helping process.
  7. Demonstrate an ability to facilitate human growth and development through the counseling process.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding and use of ethical and legal standards of the counseling profession.
  9. Utilize the appropriate community resources and referral processes.
  10. Demonstrate the ability to maintain confidentiality of clients and safeguard the protection of their counseling records.
  11. Utilize effective assessments and develop and write effective treatment plans using systems theory, other counseling theories, and the DSM-IV-TR.
  12. Model the moral and ethical requirements of a mental health professional.
  13. Establish and maintain appropriate interpersonal relationships with clients and colleagues.
  14. Utilize appropriate research skills to know and understand current developments in counseling and to improve counseling effectiveness.


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