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  • Tom R. Tabor

    Category: Student Success Center

    Position: Student Success & Advising Counselor

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3430

    Campus Box: 72018

    Email: ttabor@cn.edu

    1975 Graduate of Carson-Newman College

    Retired High School Counselor (Morristown West HS)

    Hometown - Oak RIdge, TN   Current residence - Morristown, TN

     I graduated from Carson Newman in 1975 with a B.S.in Elementary Education.

    An unusual memory while at CNC: I retrieved my bicycle out of Philo Hall during the burning of Henderson Hall in January 1974. In additon to that, members of the Philomathean Literary Society carried out of the fire a 6 legged baby grand piano, 37 chairs, the president's chair and a gavel stone and stand (that were saved from the 1916 fire of the Henderson/Administration Building).

    Received my M.S. in Educational Psycholoy & Counseling from the Universitiy of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN in 1979.

    Began employment as a licensed school counselor until my retirement as a High School Counselor at Morristown West H.S. (TN) in 2006.

    I have been employed the last 30 years as a motorcoach tour director with Knoxville Tours, which has allowed me the priviledge and opportunity of traveling in all 50 states, all provinces of Canada and Mexico.

    I am now in my 4th year as an Academic Counselor for Student Success.

    I meet and talk with students individually about a variety of issues that relate to being successful in college. I love to talk with students.

    I am so blessed to be back at my alma mater that I have always dearly loved.

  • Jessica Tarbet

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Golf - Assistant Coach

  • Aaron Taylor

    Category: Information Technology

    Position: Network and Systems Support Specialist

    Campus Phone: 865-471-2015

    Email: ataylor@cn.edu

    Originally from Asheville, NC, Aaron has lived in Tennessee since 1998. He considers Morristown to be his hometown since he has lived there most of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He grew up hunting, fishing and camping which eventually evolved into him joining the Boy scouts when his family moved to Morristown. He was a member of the Scouts since second grade and received his Eagle Scout award in 2008, after which he went on to receive three Eagle palms before he reached the age of 18. Once he had aged out of the scouts he became a junior assistant scout master and eventually a full-fledged scout master after his 21st birthday.

    He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Technology at the Tennessee Technology Center in Morristown and attends Central Baptist Church of Morristown. He spends most of his time with his family and friends, hunting, fishing and camping. He loves to be outside and on the lake whenever he can. He has had several people tell him they would have “never seen him as a computer guy growing up,” but working with computers seems to just come naturally.

  • P. Mark Taylor , Ph.D.

    Category: Education, Undergraduate

    Position: Associate Professor of Education

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3494

    Campus Box: 72013

    Email: ptaylor@cn.edu

    B.A., Westminster College

    MST, University of Missouri

    Ph.D., University of Missouri

  • Sharon Teets , Ph.D.

    Category: Education, Undergraduate

    Position: Professor of Education

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3462

    Campus Box: 71952

    Email: steets@cn.edu

    B.S., West Virginia University

    M.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

  • Lori Thornton

    Category: Library

    Position: Technical Services Librarian

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3339

    Email: lthornton@cn.edu

  • Eric Thorson

    Category: Vocal/General K-12 Music Education

    Position: Professor of Music - Choral/Conducting/Education

    Campus Phone: 865.471.3422

    Email: ethorson@cn.edu

  • Robert Trentham , Ph.D.

    Category: Biology

    Position: Professor of Biology and NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3253

    Campus Box: 71890

    Email: btrentham@cn.edu

    Dr. Trentham, a 1984 graduate of Carson-Newman, earned his M.S. degree in biology at Tennessee Tech, and the Ph.D. in plant sciences from the University of Tennessee. He is a former Carson-Newman athlete and an outstanding scholar and professor ( You haven’t really walked in a forest until you walk with Bob and listen as he discusses flora and fauna).

    Bob joined the Carson-Newman faculty in 1989. Wife, Kim, and son, Heath, are Carson-Newman graduates, while daughter, Shannon, is a sophomore at C-N. 

    Each college is required by the NCAA bylaws to have a Faculty Athletics Representative.  Dr. Trentham was appointed to this position this Fall.

  • Susie Trentham

    Category: Advancement

    Position: Advancement Services Director

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3500

    Campus Box: 72017

    Email: strentham@cn.edu

  • Dee Trull

    Category: Student Accounts

    Position: Switchboard

    Campus Phone: 865-471-2000, 471-3582 or on campus "0"

    Campus Box: 71983

    Email: dtrull@cn.edu

  • David Tuell

    Category: Information Technology

    Position: Director of Information Technology

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3506

    Originally from Tennessee, David has lived here most of his life. He graduated from Carson-Newman in 2001 (BS) and 2012 (MBA).

    Working at Carson-Newman for 11 years as an employee, his most recent job is that of Director of Information Technology and Network and Systems Administrator.  He thinks of himself as "A computer guy."

    Outside of work he enjoys family life with his wife and two children.  For recreation he plays golf and basketball.  In the past played Tennis on the college team and wrestled in high school.

  • Shannon Tuell , LCSW

    Category: Counseling Services

    Position: Counselor

    Campus Phone: (865) 471-3535

    Campus Box: CNC Box 71984

    Email: stuell@cn.edu

    Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from The University of Tennessee
    Green Dot Certified

    QPR Gatekeeper Certified Instructor

  • Mike Turner

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Asst. Head Coach - Football / Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3364

    Email: mturner@cn.edu

  • Todd Turpin

    Category: University Relations

    Position: Web & New Media Manager

    Campus Phone: 865-209-9706

    Email: tturpin@cn.edu

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