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  • Vickie Cagle

    Campus Phone: 475-5611

  • Matt Cahoon

    Campus Phone: 471-3515

  • Jerry R. Calfee

    Category: Maintenance

    Position: Maintenance - Electrician

    Campus Phone: 865 471-3352

    Campus Box: 71890

  • Bryan Campbell

    Campus Phone: 471-3419

  • Cindy Campbell

    Category: Family and Consumer Sciences

    Position: Adjunct Faculty

    Campus Box: 71880

    Email: cecampbell@cn.edu

    MS, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    BS, Carson Newman College

    Cindy Campbell is an Accredited Financial Counselor from the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. She serves as Director of the Duncan Cooperative Management Lab. Ms. Campbell teaches courses in Personal Finance and Cooperative Management and Housing.

    Her professional interests include consumer behavior, financial counseling, team building and leadership.

    Ms. Campbell enjoys travel, needlework and time with family.

  • Carolyn Carlisle

    Category: Psychology

    Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3271

    Campus Box: 71940

    B.S. Texas A&M, M.S. Texas A&M, Ph.D. University of Tennessee

    Dr. Carlisle is a counselor educator who teaches in the areas of human development, forensic psychology, and counseling techniques. Her research interests are disrupted attachment and attachment disorders. She has extensive clinical experience with children and families and holds several national counselor certifications. Dr. Carlisle also serves as advisor to the psychology club. Her hobbies include martial arts, horseback riding, reading and travel.

  • Marian Carrier

    Category: Provost's Office

    Position: Administrative Assistant to the Provost

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3219

    Campus Box: 71989

    Email: mcarrier@cn.edu

  • Eddie Carter

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Compliance Coordinator

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3365

    Email: ecarter@cn.edu

  • Carmen K Cartwright

    Category: English Language Institute

    Position: Instructor

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3543

    Campus Box: 71953

    Email: ccartwright@cn.edu

    Ms. Carmen Cartwright is an instructor of speaking and listening in the ELI. She has an Associate of Arts degree in Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and Marketing from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. She also has a Master of Arts in Teaching: English as a Second Language from Carson-Newman University. She taught overseas at Handong Global University in South Korea and at other institutes of education and a church in South Korea.

    Ms. Cartwright is currently teaching Level 4 Speaking & Listening.

  • Gregory Casalenuovo , PhD, RN

    Category: Nursing, Undergraduate

    Position: Associate Professor of Nursing

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3236

    Campus Box: 71883

    Email: gcasalenuovo@cn.edu

    Greg Casalenuovo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing. He received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He came to Carson-Newman after working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes Management. Additionally, Dr. Casalenuovo has worked as a staff nurse and manager in the areas of critical care, cardiovascular, surgical, and emergency nursing. His teaching areas include pathophysiology, medical-surgical nursing, critical care nursing, nursing research, professional issues, and statistics.

  • Cassandra Catlett

    Category: Business, Undergraduate

    Position: Associate Professor of Accounting

    Campus Phone: (865) 471-3418

    Campus Box: 71887

    Email: ccatlett@cn.edu

    Mrs. Catlett joined Carson-Newman in 2007, having previously taught part-time. She is a graduate of C-N’s business program with majors in Accounting and Computer Science.

    She holds a Master’s degree in Accountancy from the University of Tennessee. Mrs. Catlett is a CPA and has served as a tax professional with a “Big Four” accounting firm and a regional firm. She has also worked as a tax consultant for local businesses and individuals.

  • Jennifer Catlett , LCSW

    Category: Counseling Services

    Position: Director of Counseling

    Campus Phone: (865) 471-3533

    Campus Box: CNC Box 71894

    Email: jcatlett@cn.edu

    Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from The University of Tennessee
    Prime for Life Certified Instructor
    QPR Gatekeeper Certified Instructor
    RAD Certified Instructor

  • Adam Cavalier

    Position: CN Sports Information Director

    Campus Phone: 471-3367 or 471-3513

    Email: cavalier@cn.edu

  • Leannda Cavalier

    Category: University Relations

    Position: Multimedia Specialist

    Campus Phone: 865-472-3460

    Email: lcavalier@cn.edu

  • Martha H. Chambers

    Category: Student Accounts

    Position: Chief Financial Officer

    Campus Phone: 865-471-4351

    Campus Box: 71983

    Email: mchambers@cn.edu

  • Zhongdong "Ronnie" Chen

    Category: Business, Undergraduate

    Position: Assistant Professor of Finance

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3433

    Campus Box: 71887

    Email: zchen@cn.edu

    Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Tennessee and his Master's degree in Finance from Sichuan University.  Dr. Chen joined Carson-Newman University in Spring 2013.  Prior to that, Dr. Chen was a Research Assistant at the University of Tennessee and taught various business classes there.

  • Tommy Clapp

    Category: Student Affairs

    Position: Director of First Year and Conference Services

    Campus Phone: (865) 471-3589

    Email: tclapp@cn.edu

    BA, Education Studies, Berea College
    MS, Counseling, Carson-Newman College

  • Maria Clark

    Category: World Languages

    Position: Associate Professor of Foreign Languages

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3289

    Campus Box: 71964

    Dr. Maria B. Clark, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages teaches Spanish language and Latin American literature, culture and service/learning courses. She received her PhD from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a specialization in contemporary women writers from Latin America. Her current research interests include genre film and women directors from Argentina. Professor Clark is a native speaker of German and has teaching experience in language, culture and literature courses in German.

  • Glenda Cloutier

    Category: Music

    Position: Adjunct Instructor of Music - Trumpet

    Campus Phone: 865.471.3329

    Campus Box: 72048

    Ms. Glenda Cloutier’s performing credits include some of our nation’s finest professional orchestras. She performed frequently with both the Minnesota and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestras in addition to other fine ensembles such as the Joffrey Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera. While living in the Pittsburgh area, her performing experiences included regular touring with the River City Brass Band and with the Pittsburgh Symphony as an extra.

    A native of East Tennessee, Ms. Cloutier has also performed with Knoxville Symphony, the University of Tennessee Brasswind Quintet, the Knoxville Wind Symphony, and the Clarence Brown Theatre orchestra. While studying at Northwestern University, her teachers included Vincent Cichowicz, Adolf Herseth, and Arnold Jacobs of the Chicago Symphony. A summer of study at Banff included study with Armando Ghitalla, formerly of the Boston Symphony. In the years following undergraduate work, Ms. Cloutier sought out teachers including Manny Laureano, Minnesota Orchestra; Gary Bordner, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Susan Slaughter, St. Louis Symphony; James Thompson, formerly the Atlanta Symphony, now at the Eastman School of Music; and Barbara Butler, currently of Northwestern University. To prepare for college teaching, Ms. Cloutier studied with Dr. Cathy Leach of the Knoxville Symphony at the University of Tennessee.

    Ms. Cloutier now resides with her husband and son in Anderson County, Tennessee. She and her husband coach, as well as a judge at the invitational level, the Sounds of Music Event for her son's middle school Science Olympiad team. In 2012, the team competed in the National Tournament for the first time. 

  • Mike Clowney

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Asst. Head Coach - Football / Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3571

    Email: mclowney@cn.edu

  • Emma Cody-Mitchell , Ph.D.

    Category: Education

    Position: Associate Professor of Education

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3547

    Campus Box: 72013

    Email: ecody-mitchell@cn.edu

    B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    M.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Kitty Coffey , PhD, RD, LDN, CFCS

    Category: Family and Consumer Sciences

    Position: School Dean, Professor of Family & Consumer Sciences

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3295

    Campus Box: 71881

    Post-doctoral work, The University of Tennessee

    PhD, The University of Tennessee

    MS, The University of Tennessee

    BS, The University of Tennessee

    Dr. Coffey is the Dean of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences, Chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, and leader of the Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics major. She is Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE). Courses taught by Dr. Coffey include Food and People; Science of Nutrition; Senior Seminar in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics; and Field Experience in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics.

    Her research interests include childhood obesity, food lipids, academic accreditations, and leadership development. She has presented papers at national conferences, published in the FCS literature, and co-authored two books.

    She is a member of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, the Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences, the American Dietetic Association, the Institute of Food Technology, and Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society of North America.

    Her personal interests include travel, reading, writing, and aquatics.

  • Mary Coleman , MSN, RN

    Category: Nursing, Undergraduate

    Position: Assistant Professor of Nursing

    Campus Phone: 865-471-4635

    Campus Box: C-N Box 71883

    Email: marmstrong@cn.edu

  • James Collins

    Category: Psychology

    Position: Professor of Psychology

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3570

    Campus Box: 72049

    B.A. University of North Carolina,M.S. University of Georgia,Ph.D. University of Georgia

    Dr. Collins is a social psychologist who teaches in the areas of social and positive psychology as well as psychological research and statistics. He is the point person for the positive psychology minor. His research interests are styles of remembering and the application of remembering styles to positive life skills. In his free time, Dr. Collins enjoys hiking, gardening, family time, and playing tenor sax with the AMPS (Absent Minded Professors).


  • Shannon Collins , Ph.D.

    Category: English

    Position: Associate Professor of English

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3596

    Campus Box: 71971

    B. A., University of South Alabama; M.A., University of South Alabama;

    Ph.D., University of Tennessee

    Specialities: Narrative, Film, Critical Theory, and Rhetroic & Composition

  • Brianne Coon

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Softball - Graduate Assistant

  • Alisha Cox

    Category: MSAC

    Position: Administrative Assistant

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3440

    Campus Box: 71956

    Email: acox@cn.edu

  • Glenn Cragwall

    Category: Communication

    Position: Associate Professor of Communication

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3434

    Campus Box: 72050

    M.A. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    B.S. Middle Tennessee State University  

    Glenn Cragwall began teaching at Carson-Newman in 1988. He currently serves as department chair and teaches courses in the media studies area.  Additionally, Glenn has served as director of media ministries at churches in New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas. He has produced and directed television programming for a variety of broadcast and cable networks. Glenn is a charter member of the Digital Video Professionals Association, which he serves as Advisory Board member. His current research interests include media convergence and the First Amendment. He serves as a media production consultant to local churches and is a frequent presenter at national conferences on the subject of church copyright issues and video presentation in worship.

  • David Crowe

    Category: English Language Institute

    Position: Instructor

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3543

    Campus Box: 71953

    Email: dcrowe@cn.edu

    Mr. David Crowe has been an instructor for the ELI for more than 10 years, teaching reading, writing, and grammar. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Missions from Johnson University and a Master of Arts in Teaching: English as a Second Language from Carson-Newman University. His overseas teaching experience was in Thailand.

    Mr. Crowe is currently teaching Level 1 Reading & Writing and Level 1 Grammar.

  • Carol Crutchley

    Category: Music

    Position: Staff Accompanist

    Campus Phone: 865.471.3328

    Campus Box: 72048

    Mrs. Crutchley is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, Trinity College, and Royal Schools of Music. Mrs. Crutchley earned a degree in Elementary Education as well as two licentiates in music and piano. She also taught piano for ten years. For fourteen years she was a missionary in South Africa.

  • David Crutchley

    Category: Religion, Undergraduate

    Position: Chair of Religion, Professor of Religion

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3277

    Email: dcrutchley@cn.edu

    Bachelor of Law [B.L.] University of Rhodesia (1975)

    Bachelor of Laws [LL.B.] University of Rhodesia (1976)

    Master of Divinity [M. Div.] Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1980)

    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph. D.] Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1985)

    Dr. Crutchley came to Carson-Newman in 2004 and teaches upper level New Testament electives that include Sermon on the Mount, the Fourth Gospel, and Paul. He grew up in southern Africa and leads the annual summer trip to Cape Town, South Africa teaching a course entitled “Being Fully Human: A Spirituality Out of Africa.” His wife, Carol, is a staff accompanist in the Music School at Carson-Newman. His two sons, Russ & Matthew live in Houston and Birmingham: Russ has a PharmD and teaches at the University of Houston with a specialty in HIV/AIDS and Matthew is in his first year of Anesthesiology residency at the University of Alabama. He is involved in the Baptist World Alliance circles and has been the teaching Pastor at Smithwood Baptist Church in Knoxville for the past six years.

  • John Cryder

    Category: Athletics

    Position: Football - Tight Ends Coach

    Campus Phone: 865-471-3363

    Email: jcryder@cn.edu

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