Graduate Assistantships

Types of Graduate Assistantships

Carson-Newman  recognizes two (2) types of graduate assistantships: Research/Administrative Assistants and Coaching/Administrative Assistants. The graduate assistantship should provide the opportunity for the student to use knowledge of her or his academic field while enhancing skills relevant to the student’s professional goals. The duties assigned to graduate assistants will usually vary according to category and some assistants may be assigned duties in more than one of these categories.

Research/Administrative assistants

Research/Administrative assistants usually support faculty members in specific graduate programs or they may work at the level of a department or college administrative unit. The graduate assistant will generally provide supervision of the computer and curriculum laboratories, maintain program resource centers, and assist in data collection and analysis for faculty research projects. Responsibilities may also include assisting departmental staff in processing resource materials and other duties related to administrative tasks.

Research/Administrative Assistants receive a one-half tuition waiver for up to 24 credit hours for a full-time and a one-fourth tuition waiver for up to 24 credit hours for a part-time assistantship in any given 12 month period.

Coaching/Administrative assistants

Coaching/Administrative assistants usually provide support for athletic coaches or they may work at the level of a department or university administrative unit. This work will generally involve gathering, organizing, and evaluating information, or editorial work related to preparation and review of papers and reports, or assisting athletic coaches. The ideal graduate administrative assistantship will provide the student with a broader and deeper understanding of the university function and, under the supervision of a mentor, enhance the quality of information available to the University.

Coaching/ Administrative Graduate Assistants receive a full tuition waiver for up to 24 credit hours for a full-time and a one-half tuition waiver for up to 24 credit hours for a part-time assistantship in any given 12 month period.

Qualifications for appointment

Graduate Assistant

Candidates for appointment as graduate assistants must meet the following criteria:

1. Only graduate students admitted to the University and accepted in to a graduate degree program may hold an assistantship. Graduate students admitted conditionally to a degree program may hold an assistantship for no more than one semester; if conditions of their admission are not met after the first term, renewal of the assistantship must be requested in writing by the supervisory department and approved by the Associate Provost for Graduate and Professional Programs.

2. Graduate students who have previously taken graduate level courses must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

3. Graduate assistants must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.00 grade point average (GPA) to remain eligible for assistantship support. A graduate assistant who fails to achieve a 3.0 cumulative GPA will be allowed one (1) semester to remedy the grade deficiency or the assistantship will be terminated.

4. International students are eligible for graduate assistantships as soon as they are unconditionally admitted as graduate students at Carson-Newman. If the assistantship is to be a graduate research assistantship, the international student must demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly in English. Therefore, all graduate programs require that all international students for whom English is a second language and who wish to be considered for graduate assistantships take an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) to evaluate fluency in English. Rating on this evaluation will determine eligibility for different categories of GA assignment. Students desiring improvement in this area are encouraged to take one of both semesters of English as Second Language including the laboratory portion of this course. (This course is offered by the Department of English.) Students may repeat the OPI in order to increase their rating.

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