University Relations Request

Welcome to University Relations’ Project Request Page.

Our online form is your first step toward completing a brochure, web story, video, publicity, news release, design, event or other University Relations needs that elevate the image of Carson-Newman University. Keep in mind our office manages the public relations, branding, publishing, media relations and design for both external projects that go to the general public and internal projects that promote projects to our University family.

Use the online form on this page to submit your project brief. Please note that we request a four to six-week window between the date of the request and the project due date. In a number of cases, a publishing project or event will take even greater advance planning.

When should you fill out this form? As soon as you become aware of a project need in the future, please submit this project brief – even if you don’t have a complete schedule. It’s never too soon to get our office involved.

Be assured that our office will contact you immediately when we receive your online form request. Most of the time we will request a short planning meeting with you before we begin production. In that meeting we will discuss the goals and audience of your project and ask those basic “who, what, when, where” questions that drive content and production.

We look forward to working with you!

Mary Leidig

Executive Director of University Relations.

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