Terms and Conditions

By reading and accepting the terms of this form submission I understand that:

  1. A work order request is required to begin work on any project.
  2. The submission of this form begins a process by the University Relations office to determine the cost and feasibility of my project.
  3. University Relations will respond to the request with a cost estimate and time frame for completion.
  4. The requesting department, if wishing to proceed, must respond via email accepting the quote and time frame.
  5. The requesting department will be advised of a deadline to receive any additional material to complete the project. Work cannot commence until received.
  6. If the project requires the purchase of materials (printed documents, posters, t-shirts, decals, magnets, banners, advertisements, etc.) then a copy of the purchase order, with appropriate authorizations approving funding, should be sent to University Relations.
  7. The requesting department will be given opportunities (as needed) to review and approve the final project prior to completion of the project or going to print.

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