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Immunization Requirements

You may access the Immunization form here:Immunization_Record_official_2015_062315.pdf

As mandated by the Tennessee legislature:

Fulltime students born after 1956 must show immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella via:

  • Documentation of 2 doses of MMR vaccine or
  • Documentation of having the diseases or
  • Documentation of Immune titers to the diseases

Fulltime students born after 1979 must show immunity to varicella virus (chickenpox) via:

  • Documentation of having the disease or
  • Documentation of 2 doses of the Varicella vaccine or
  • Documentation of Immune titers to the disease

All residential students must show immunity to Hepatitis B via:

  • Documentation of 3 doses of the vaccine or
  • Documentation of Immune titer to the disease or
  • Signing of a waiver of the vaccine

All first year residential students between the ages of 16-21 must show immunity to Bacterial Meningitis via:

  • Documentation of the vaccine

All students must show evidence of tuberculosis skin screening or complete a Low Risk TB assessment signed by a medical provider. The Low Risk TB assessment form can be accessed by clicking on this link: tb_risk_assessement.pdf
(Tuberculosis skin screening is the only immunization available at the Health Services)



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