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“To Represent and To Serve”

The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to represent the interests, concerns, and ideas of the Carson-Newman student body and to assist in creating an active campus community. The association seeks to promote the welfare of every student and to create an opportunity for students to practice leadership and assist in determining the policies that shape their university experience.

SGA offers our students opportunities for involvement and an avenue for directly impacting our campus. SGA serves our students and campus through legislation, forums, and special projects that focus on opening the lines of communication between our student body and our administration, and effectively communicating the heart of the student body on our campus for its betterment.

SGA is advised by Marilee Betz, the Director of Student Activities, and provides exciting opportunities for positions in student leadership, campus event planning, direct impact on the campus environment and the student experience, and the personal growth and development of the student. For more information on SGA, you can contact:

Marilee Betz, Director of Student Activities
The Office of Student Activities, MSAC 1016


Elizabeth Dixon, Student Body President


2017-2018 SGA Cabinet

Student Body President – Elizabeth Dixon, eadixon@cn.edu

Student Body Vice-President – Skye McCarter, ssmccarter@cn.edu

Secretary of Campus Life - Kathryn McCracken, kemccracken@cn.edu

Secretary of Public Relations- Ali Turner, aeturner@cn.edu

Chief Justice -  Logan Hurt, ljhurt@cn.edu


Structure of the Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is composed of two distinct bodies: the Executive Cabinet and the Delegate Assembly. Together, these bodies form the Student Senate. 

The Executive Cabinet is composed of six officers. The Chief Justice oversees the judicial operations of the Student Government Association and serves as interpreter in matters of procedure, precedent, and charter or code questions. The Secretary of Projects & Services oversees all public relations campaigns, programming, and any campus projects or service opportunities related to the Student Government Association. The Secretary of Finance oversees the General Budget of the Association and all monetary transactions relating to it. The Vice-President of the Student Body oversees the day-to-day operations of the Student Government Association and serves as evaluator for all legislative activity. The Secretary of Campus Life is the primary voice for campus organizations and ensures full representation for all chartered organizations through the Organizational Congress. The President of the Student Body shall supervise the meetings of the Student Senate. He or she will serve as official ambassador from the Student Body-at-large to the Administration of Carson-Newman University and shall serve any ceremonial duties bestowed upon him or her by the Administration. 

Members of the Executive Cabinet must be full-time students of Carson-Newman University, have a cumulative university grade point average of 2.50 or above, and must have earned at least 30 hours of class credit. Members of the Executive Cabinet are elected by the Student Body at-large, take office on Inauguration Day, and serve until the following Inauguration Day. 

The Delegate Assembly is composed of twelve Delegates. Each class shall be represented by two delegates: a Chief Delegate and Second Delegate. The status of each Delegate is determined by his or her total votes received. Further, the Student Body-at-large shall be represented by three delegates: a Chief Delegate, a Second Delegate, and a Third Delegate. Again, the status of each Delegate is determined by his or her total votes received. Should a Class Delegate seat be left vacant, that seat shall be immediately opened as an At-Large Delegate seat and be elected with all due speed. Lastly, the Student Body-at-large shall elect a Secretary for the Student Government Association. This officer shall serve as primary record-keeper and Parliamentarian for meetings of the Student Senate. 

Members of the Delegate Assembly serving as class representatives must be full-time students of Carson-Newman University, have a cumulative university grade point average of 2.50 or above, and be members of the class they represent. Members elected at-large must be full-time students of Carson-Newman University and have a cumulative university grade point average of 2.50 or above. Members of the Delegate Assembly take office on Inauguration Day and serve until the following Inauguration Day. 

All officers, regardless of seniority or other status, have full voting privileges and rights to present bills or resolutions and may carry out any appropriate action necessary to fulfill the duties of office outlined above. 

Lastly, each organization holding a charter with the Student Affairs Office of Carson-Newman University shall be obligated to send one representative to the Organizational Congress of the Student Government Association in order to receive charter and be of good standing. The Congress shall meet no more than four times each semester and no less than twice, with the first meeting taking place by October 15. The meetings and activities of the Congress shall be conducted, supervised, and overseen by the Secretary of Campus Life in conjunction with the President of the Student Body.

Who is a part of SGA and who can hold office in SGA?

SGA is composed of every regularly enrolled student as defined by the Carson-Newman Catalog. All elected and appointed officials of the association shall be full-time students while seeking office and throughout the duration of their term in office. Specific eligibility requirements and the duties of each position are described in the association's Charter and By-laws. Copies of these documents are available to any student upon request in the Student Government Office, Student Activities Office and the Student Affairs Office.

For more details on SGA's structure and function please view links below.

C-N SGA Charter

C-N SGA By-laws


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