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Traffic Appeals

A complete list of Parking Regulations can be found here and are also included in the Eagle Student Handbook.  Students are responsible for taking the time to familiarize themselves with the parking regulations.

If you have received a Parking Violation and feel you are due consideration because of unusual circumstances, an appeal can be filed within seven (7) days of receiving the violation.  Please fill out the Appeal Form and bring the form and your ticket to the Department of Safety & Security.  NO APPEALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER SEVEN (7) DAYS.

The appeal will be heard and voted on by the Traffic Appeal Board.  Your attendance at the meeting is not mandatory, but is encouraged.  If you are unable to attend, your appeal will be heard in your absence.  Traffic Appeal Board rulings are considered binding and appellants will receive notification of the ruling via email.


Points to consider prior to filing an appeal:

1.  Familiarize yourself with the Parking Regulations.  Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for committing a parking violation and will not be considered a valid reason for approving an appeal.

2.  Hazard lights and/or notes left on vehicles do not permit parking in unauthorized areas, no matter how short the time period.

3.  Unauthorized parking in handicapped spaces, reserved spaces, and fire lanes is prohibited AT ALL TIMES, FOR ANY REASON.  

4.  Inability to find a legally marked space does not constitute a valid reason for parking illegally.

5.  YOU are responsible for all parking violations issued to your vehicle, regardless of who was driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.

6.  The absence of "No Parking" signs or pavement markings does not mean that parking is allowed. 

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