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Parking FAQs



1.  Can I park in the north lot of FBC to attend Chapel (or perform for Chapel)? 

No.  This lot is reserved for the church AT ALL TIMES.  CLW events are Carson-Newman functions, NOT church functions.  This lot is off limits to the C-N Community AT ALL TIMES regardless of membership within the church.   


2.  I moved off campus.  Do I have to purchase a new hangtag?

No.  If you have a current, valid hangtag, bring your hangtag to the Department of Safety & Security and we will exchange it for the appropriate tag at no additional charge.


3.  Do I have to buy a new hang tag every year?

Yes.  Hangtags are valid for one full academic year. 


4.  I am graduating in December.  Do I get a refund?

No refunds will be given for hangtags issued to students who graduate in December or who withdraw or are expelled from the University.


 5.  I only have evening classes.  Do I still need to buy a hang tag?

Yes.  Although rules regarding designated color-coded parking do not apply after hours, ALL vehicles must have a valid hangtag to park in ANY lot on campus.


 6.  I traded vehicles.  Do I have to purchase a new hangtag?

No.  You may continue to use the same hangtag, but you must provide the current vehicle and license plate information to the Department of Safety & Security.


 7.  I received a ticket that I would like to dispute.  What are my options?

You may file an appeal at the Department of Safety & Security within 7 days of receiving the ticket.  No appeals will be accepted after 7 days. 


 8.  If I have more than one vehicle do I need to purchase two hangtags?

No.  You must register all vehicles with the Department of Safety & Security, but you will only be issued one hangtag.  Your hangtag must be clearly displayed in the vehicle you are driving or you may be subject to a parking violation.


A complete listing of campus parking regulations can be found in the Eagle Student Handbook. 

Students are responsible for taking the time to familiarize themselves with these regulations.

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