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  1. Corbin D. Hedges

    Residence Life Coordinator - Appalachian Commons and Butler Hall
    P: 865-471-4285
    E: chedges@cn.edu
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  2. Malee Hogan

    Residence Life Coordinator Alumni and Swann
    P: 865-471-7111
    E: mhogan@cn.edu
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  3. Denise Meade

    Administrative Assistant - Vice-President of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, and Residence Life
    P: 865-471-3235/2009
    E: dmeade@cn.edu
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  4. Garrett Meggs

    Residence Life Coordinator - Butler Hall and Appalachian Commons
    P: 865-471-3485
    E: gmeggs@cn.edu
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  5. Elaine Young

    Director of Residence Life
    P: (865) 471-3049
    E: eyoung@cn.edu
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