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Heritage RA Staff

Name: Austin T. Blair

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting/Finance

Hometown: Morristown

Interests/Hobbies: Disc Golf

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

Had friends that recommended C-N

What is your favorite experience as an RA?

Building Community, Planning and Attending Campus Events


Name: Corbin Hedges

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Tullahoma, TN

Interests/Hobbies: Sports/ Intramurals, juggling, hanging with friends

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

All of my family came here. Even my grandparents came here, so I knew all about it from birth. Then I also got an honor’s scholarship and loved my visit here. I grew up coming here every other weekend, and I always had a great time up here. Plus, my grandparents live up here so I knew I would be able to see them a lot.

What is your favorite experience as an RA?

I love getting to know all the other RAs because some of them I never knew before. Also, I get to know a lot of freshman because I work with them, and I never would have met them otherwise.


Name: Kevin Quinby

Year: Junior

Major: Pre-Medicine

Hometown: Hickory, NC

Interests/Hobbies: Frisbee Golf, Missions, Watching Football.

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

I was looking for a small Christian school with a good Pre-Med program. I also wanted to be somewhere where I felt that I would be truly challenged and grow in my faith in Jesus Christ. I found CN online and visited in November , 2008. I loved it and never looked back!


Name: Lucas McHam

Year: Junior

Major: Political Science / Cross-Cultural Sociology

Hometown: Kingsport, TN

Interests/Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking, music

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

I had several friends that either attended, or knew of people that had attended and gotten a lot out of it.

What is your favorite experience as an RA?

Being in a role in which you can both serve and lead.


Name: Austin Ray Gough

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Bristol, VA

Interests/Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Movies, TV

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

My cousin was going here and he told me about it. I thought that it would be cool to go to school with family, so I chose Carson-Newman.


Name: Zacharey Berven

Year: Senior

Major: Computer Information Systems

Hometown: Greeneville, TN

Interests/Hobbies: Computers, movies, swimming, running, eating

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

Well, I live relatively close, so I’ve always been aware of CN. I initially wanted to go to a large school, but after a visit to Carson-Newman, I was immediately hooked on the Christian atmosphere, and the personal touch that only a small school can offer.

What is your favorite experience as an RA?

My favorite part is that I don’t even have to try to do my job. I love the interaction with my residents. Actually, they aren’t my residents. They are my friends. Being an RA has even more involved me in bettering their lives. Also, the staff is pretty cool, and working with them has been great.


Name: Brack Ballard

Year: Junior

Major: Communications

Hometown: Buies Creek, NC

Interests/Hobbies: Love to play intramural sports, Spend quality time with friends, and trying my best to honor God in all aspects of my life.

How did you come to Carson-Newman?

I actually started my college career in Kentucky at Berea College playing baseball. After my freshmen year, I really wanted to transfer to a Christian school. My dad teaches here and I felt led to come here. It is funny because in high school I said I would never go to Carson Newman, because I wanted my own name. However, by following the Lords calling, he has blessed me college experience, beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I have made the best friends who have big hearts and so many loving people make up this school. It is a very special place.

What is your favorite experience as an RA?

Putting myself into position to help, encourage, and love anybody who comes before me. As an RA and as the Chaplain, God has used me this year to reach out to so many different people and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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