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LiveSafe Application and Emergancy Notification System


What is LiveSafe?

LiveSafe is an application used to empower students, faculty, and staff to contribute to campus safety by enabling quick, easy, and discreet two-way communications with Campus Police & Security  Guards.

 LiveSafe ensures that Carson-Newman University can and will

Foster a Safe Learning Environment

  • A safe and secure learning environment enhances thought, innovation, and overall quality of campus life.
  • Build trust and confidence between students, faculty and campus security officials.
  • LiveSafe is a mobile bluelight in everyone’s pocket .

Student and Faculty Engagement

  • Maintain ease of communications with students and faculty both on campus and traveling abroad.
  • Leverage the eyes and ears of your community: students, staff, and faculty.
  • Easy access to important security, medical, and campus resources.

The Department of Public Safety

  • Utilize location sharing to quickly respond to student and faculty emergencies.
  • Leverage RSS feeds to automatically re-broadcast emergency notifications through the LiveSafe platform as an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM

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