C-N Summer Missionaries


Carson-Newman University

  Going unto all the world... 

  1.       Jordann Allan                      Cape Town, South Africa
  2.       Kelli Anderson                     Crestridge Camp for Girls, Ridgecrest, NC
  3.       Hannah Anthony                Cape Town, South Africa
  4.       Lindsay Barrett                   Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  5.       Bryce Berry                         Centrikid Camp, LA, TN, AL, TX
  6.       Grace Boone                       Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  7.       Timothy Boone                   Cape Town, South Africa
  8.       Mark Borchert                    Cape Town, South Africa
  9.       Patsy Boyce                         Dominican Republic/Haiti
  10.       Bevan Brown                      Cape Town, South Africa
  11.       Jenna Bryan                        Centrifuge Camp, Ridgecrest, NC
  12.       Kara Cabbage                     Dominican Republic/Haiti
  13.       Erin Cagle                            Kanakuk Camp, Branson, MO
  14.       Alex Carver                         Mission to the World,Ethiopia
  15.       Miranda Cathcart             Cape Town, South Africa
  16.       Emily Collins                        CBF internship, Washington, DC
  17.       Carol Crutchley                  Cape Town, South Africa
  18.       David Crutchley                 Cape Town, South Africa
  19.       Kimberly Denson               Navigators, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  20.       Kayla Dobyns                      Clubs in the City, Raleigh, NC
  21.       Daniel Douglas                   Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  22.       Kelli Douglass                      Orbit Village, Nairobi, Kenya
  23.       Kirby Ellis                              Navigators, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  24.       Constance Emert               Dominican Republic/Haiti
  25.       Luke Fekete                         La Antigua, Guatemala
  26.       Jaime Fitzgerald                 Passport Camps, TX and D.C.
  27.       Alison Fountain                   Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  28.       Rachel Gillespie                  CentriKid Camp, Campbellsville, KY
  29.       Niki Green                            Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  30.       Clark Hasler                         Mission-Fuge, Williamsburg, KY
  31.       Corbin Hedges                    Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  32.       Carolanne Henley              Dominican Republic/Haiti
  33.       Sarah Hodge                       Dominican Republic/Haiti
  34.       Ashley Hodgson                  Dominican Republic/Haiti
  35.       Eddie Holbrook                   Dominican Republic/Haiti
  36.       Ryan Hughes                       Camp John Knox, Ten Mile, TN
  37.       Meghann Hutchins            Mission-Fuge, Louisville, KY
  38.       Kyunghee Joung                 Tampa Bay Open Door Korean Church, FL
  39.       Johnathan Keaton              Campus Crusade—Walt Disney World, FL
  40.       Amelya Keo                          Cape Town, South Africa
  41.       Laura Kinney                        Worship/Arts Ministry, Marietta, GA
  42.       Reagan Kitts                         Dominican Republic/Haiti
  43.       Casey Lambdin                     Dominican Republic/Haiti
  44.       Matthew Makrom              Dominican Republic/Haiti
  45.       Adam Mann                          Youth/Children’s Intern, Kingsport, TN
  46.       Sue McBee                            Dominican Republic/Haiti
  47.       John McIntear                      Youth Ministry, Connecticut
  48.       Nina Nasse                            Mission to the World, Athens, Greece
  49.       Kay O’Brien                           Dominican Republic/Haiti
  50.       Randall O’Brien                    Dominican Republic/Haiti
  51.       Phillip Ogle                             Dominican Republic/Haiti
  52.       Ryan O’Neal                          Crossings Ministries, Hardin, KY
  53.       Mikey Oppizzi                        Crossings Ministries, Louisville, KY
  54.       Jamison Price                         Refuge Inc., Knoxville, TN
  55.       Emerald Proctor                   Cedar Lake Camp, Livingston, TN
  56.       Sean Rawson                         Kids Across America, Golden, MO
  57.       Erin Rogers                            Ministry Intern, FBC, Morristown
  58.       Rachel Rogers                       Heredia, Costa Rica
  59.       Kathy Schrader                     Dominican Republic/Haiti
  60.       Megan Schrock                     Dominican Republic/Haiti
  61.       Lori Sexton                             Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City, TN
  62.       Kimberly Shaffer                   Score International, Dominican Republic
  63.       Nick Smith                              World Changers, VA/WV
  64.       Ashlyn Stanton                      Guatemala and Cape Town, South Africa
  65.       Grace Taylor                          IMB, Germany
  66.       Melonie Wagner                   Crossings, Louisville, KY
  67.       David Warren                        Passport Camps, Macon and Danville
  68.       Maddie Wood                        Guatemala
  69.       Lyndsie Yontz                         Kanakuk Camp, Branson, MO
  70.       Mary Young                            Appalachian Outreach, Jefferson City


 70 missionaries serving in 13 states and 9 countries (South Africa, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Greece, Costa Rica, Germany)

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