Children/Youth Ministry

Youth-- Prom Dress Give-Away (TRIP CHANGE)

Manchester, KY- March 21-22, 2014 (2 Day Trip)

SPOTS Missionaries will travel to Manchester, KY to serve with “God’s Closet” a ministry of Manchester Baptist Church. Each year God's Closet organizes a "Prom Dress and Accessory Give-away." C-N will be sending a small team of individuals to go help with this project. Participants will leave Friday morning, March 21 and Return Saturday evening, March 22.

The team will participate in the organization and prep-work of the event on Friday evening and then be present to assist young ladies pick-out their dresses and matching accessories.

God's Closet is depending on C-N to help pull of this year's event. Be a part of making a dream come true for some wonderful recipients!

*Capacity: 9 people

Price: $25-- Apply Now!

(Please read the SPOTS 2014 Instructions & Ministry Location Guide before you apply)



Children/Youth Ministry

Chattanooga, TN-- March 15-21, 2014

S.P.O.T.S. will once again partner with the wonderful ministry of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home located in Chattanooga, TN. Missionaries will connect with and live in cottages of children with very difficult pasts and home lives. Missionaries will conduct afterschool activities with children and teens (elementary through high school), develop friendships, tutor, share their faith, and do daily service projects and “odd jobs” to assist house parents and staff. Missionaries may take some of the children on an off campus “field trip” to participate in local area activities. 

 *Capacity: 9 people                

Check it out: (Click: Our Locations Tab; Chattanooga Link)

Non-Refundable Deposit ($30) and Application Deadline: Thursday, February 13th     

Total Price: $95-- Apply Now

(Please read the SPOTS Directions and Instructions before you apply)


Children/Youth & Various Ministries

Greenville, SC-- March 16-22, 2014

Missionaries will be serving in a variety of ways in Greenville, SC.  The primary focus will be held each afternoon as our team will be serving elementary-highschool students in the after-school program of Frazee (pronounced like daisy) Dream Center. Frazee Dream Center is a free preschool, after-school & summer program for under resourced children and teens in the downtown Greenville area. There may also be the possibility for some of our team members to help with the morning pre-school program as well. 

 Other morning options will include a variety of ministries who serve the Greenville and surrounding areas. Some of these options will include "rescuing" fruits and vegetables, which would normally be thrown away from grocery stores and restaurants, and taking them to current food distribution agencies.  Missionaries will also be delivering meals to elderly shut-ins, volunteering at the local rescue mission, and helping those in hospice care run errands, clean, and do chores.  This team may also volunteer at a local animal clinic helping to clean, do administrative duties, walk and play with the animals.

As we show Christ’s love this spring break, come and serve both children, adults, and animals of Greenville, SC!

Check it out:

The Frazee Dream Center-

Loaves and Fishes-

Animal Care-

Miracle Hill Rescue Mission-

Meals on Wheels-

Caris Hospice Care-

*Capacity: 9 People             

Non-Refundable Deposit ($50) and Application Deadline: Thursday, February 13th

Price: $140-- Apply Now

(Please read the SPOTS Directions and Instructions before you apply)


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