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Degree Plan / Program Evaluation

Degree Plans/Program Evaluations and Application for Graduation

Degree Plans or Evaluations and the Application for Graduation must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the completion of the semester in which the student will earn 90 hours. The Application for Graduation and Degree Evaluation are the documents the Registrar uses to determine if a student is eligible for graduation. If the student’s is eligible for graduation, the Registrar will place the student’s name on the graduation list for the specified term.

It is the student’s responsibility to assure all requirements for graduation are met including:

  • Completion of a minimum of 120 hours
  • Cumulative and Institutional GPA of a minimum 2.0
  • Major course requirements for degree
  • General Education Requirements for Degree
  • Other requirements as specified by individual departments

To submit your Degree Plan / Program Evaluation and Application for Graduation

  • Run the Program Evaluation in C-N Connect.  Write the term in which you plan to take remaining courses and electives needed to complete your degree on the Degree Plan/Program Evaluation form in the spaces provided.
  • Submit your Degree Plan/Program Evaluation with the Application for Graduation which is available on the Registrar's web page.  Be sure to obtain all required signatures on the application before submitting it to the Office of the Registrar.
  • If your department requires that you use the degree plan grid form, you can find the form on the Registrar's webpage under Degree Plan.  However, if you use the grid form, you must also include a copy of your Program Evaluation with the grid form.

Application for Undergraduate Graduation     or    Application for Graduate Studies Graduation

Degree Plan Guidelines

The steps which follow are intended to simplify your degree plan approval procedure. Before proceeding further, please review the following sections of the college catalog under which you plan to graduate: Student Responsibility in Meeting Degree Requirements; Common Requirements for all Baccalaureate Degrees; General Education Requirements; Majors, Emphases, Minors, Concentrations; and the specific requirements for your particular major, minor, and/or concentration. The responsibility for meeting these requirements is yours, but your adviser is available to answer questions and offer valuable assistance in the process.

Degree plans, approved by adviser and department chair, must be submitted to the Registrar prior to the end of the second semester of the junior year (that semester in which the student will complete at least 96 semester credit hours). Exceptions are students in binary programs who must submit theirs at the beginning of the last semester at Carson-Newman University.


1. Obtain an unofficial copy of your current transcript from the Registrar’s Office. Use one of the attached degree plan forms as a working copy, and the other for your final, typed copy.

Degree Plan Form

2. Complete the top portion of the form paying special attention to the following:

  • Name: Diplomas will be ordered with the name as shown on the degree plan.
  • Catalog Graduating Under: The catalog date shown (2004-2005, etc.) will be used by the adviser, department chair, and the Registrar for validating the degree plan.
  • Residence Requirements: each Carson-Newman graduate is required to complete at least the last 32 hours before graduation in residence at Carson-Newman University.
  • Expected Graduation Date: The diploma will be ordered based upon the date specified.
  • Major: The major should be completely stated including emphasis or specializations.
  • Minor: The appropriate title for a minor or concentration should be shown here. It must be one approved in the catalog under which you are graduating.

3. List the courses from your transcript, using the course numbers as they appear, in the appropriate column on the degree plan.

a. Place the courses that fulfill the requirements for each general education goal in the corresponding section in the first column.

b. Place courses taken to fulfill major requirements (separating core and other requirements) in the middle column, but do not list courses again that were used to satisfy general education requirements. The courses should be listed in the order they appear in the requirements section of your catalog, unless your department chair specifies a different order. If courses from another college are used to substitute for a specific Carson-Newman requirement, the Carson-Newman course number should be shown in parenthesis immediately following the original course number.

c. List the courses which were taken to satisfy requirements for a minor and/or concentration together in the third column. Place all elective courses (any that were not used to satisfy general education, major, minor, or concentration requirements in the third column.

d. For those courses currently being taken or scheduled to be taken in an upcoming term, indicate with the appropriate letter (F – Fall, S – Spring, MT – Mayterm, or SS – Summer term) in the sub-column labeled with an *.

e. If there are elective courses to be taken and you do not know exactly which courses you will take, it is permissible to put the course on the degree plan simply as ELECTIVE or perhaps JR/SR ELECTIVE.

4. If you are requesting any waiver from stated degree requirements, a written request must accompany your degree plan and must be approved by your adviser and department chair. The request must contain sufficient justification and be consistent with exceptions that have been approved in the past.

5. It is a good idea to do a draft of your degree plan in pencil. After you have checked it, take it to your adviser for review. If you both agree it is ready, have it typed, sign it and return it to your adviser for his/her final check and signature. It should then be taken to the department chair for checking and approval, and finally, taken to the Registrar. Please note: it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the degree plan has been received by the Registrar. It is a good idea to make a copy of it before submitting it to the Registrar’s Office or your advisor.

6. The Registrar will review the degree plan. If the degree is approved, the registrar will mark “approved” and sign and date the degree plan. If the degree plan lacks requirements for graduation, the registrar will make notations in the notes section and sign and date the degree plan to document review. A copy of the signed degree plan will be forwarded to you and your advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to make the changes necessary to fulfill degree requirements.

7. After the degree plan has been reviewed and the graduation date approved, the student’s name will be added to the graduation list. Although the degree plan has been approved, the student maintains responsibility for satisfying all course and GPA requirements before being cleared to graduate and receive diploma.

8. Please be reminded that all tentative course work listed on your degree plan must be completed BEFORE graduation may occur. This includes receipt of an official transcript for any work transferred to Carson-Newman that meets degree plan requirements.

9. If, after submitting your degree plan and obtaining approval, you change your course plan, you must go to the Registrar’s Office and make the changes on the original degree plan on file in the Registrar’s Office. The degree plan will then be reevaluated for approval and a copy sent to you and your advisor.

10. Should you have questions regarding degree plan submission, please contact the Registrar. 

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