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Other University Scholarships & Gift Aid

2017-2018 University Scholarships & Gift Aid (Deadlines Vary by Scholarship)

Carson-Newman offers other scholarship program opportunities in an effort to support and invest in your long-term graduation and career goals as an undergraduate student.  Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of four years, beginning with the first-time freshmen fall semester.  Scholarships are renewable provided that the student is still meeting requirements as specified by the program or school, and the student is maintaining financial aid satisfactory academic progress (FASAP).  Scholarships are only applicable towards the first bachelor's degree during fall and spring terms (not summer terms).  Students may apply for more than one scholarship, but the Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to reduce or limit scholarships under the caps and limits policy on scholarships, and/or other guidelines as mandated.

Athletic Scholarships- Carson-Newman is a NCAA Division II member of the South Atlantic Conference, and offers competitive scholarships.  Awards are based on recommendations from the coach.  Contact the respective sport for more information.  As an athletic scholarship recipient, you will be ineligible for other university scholarships offered unless permitted by NCAA exemption rules or other University Policies.

Art Scholarships- Students majoring in Art click here for scholarship information.

Band Scholarships for Non-Music Majors- Students not majoring in music, pay wish to apply and participate in our University Bands.  For more information contact our Band Director.

Bonner Scholars, Eagle Engage, and Faith & Justice Scholars- These three scholarships represent our commitment to community service.  Bonner Scholars are based on financial need as determined from the FAFSA filing, and demonstrated commitment to community service.  Eagle Engage and Faith & Justice Scholars are not need based.  Recipients are expected to be part of a team that will promote and foster positive community change through action.  Community service hours during enrollment required.  For more information visit the Bonner page.

Cheer & Dance Audition and Scholarships- Scholarships are available for both our Cheer and Dance Squads.  For more information visit our information page.

Chemistry & Biochemistry Scholarships- Available to new students majoring in respective areas.  Amounts vary.

C-N Grant- A need based grant, based upon your FAFSA filing status and housing status each year. The amounts of the grants will vary and are not automatically renewable each year.  A FAFSA application listing Carson-Newman University, federal code 003481, is required for consideration.  C-N Grant funds are awarded as last dollars by the University, and will be reduced by the Office of Financial Aid upon recipient notification of other scholarships.

Film, Forensics, & Theatre Scholarships- Students planning to major in film or theatre, or participating in forensics may contact the Communications Department for application procedures for our Film, Theatre, or Forensics Scholarships.

Honors Scholars Program- Eligible students may compete for additional Honors Merit Scholarships for participation in our Honors Program.  Eligible students will be sent an invitation to attend. Award amounts for the top selected students are based on full tuition per year with our Honors Premier Scholarship (scholarship will take into consideration all other grants and scholarship eligibility first).   Participation in our Honors Weekend is required for consideration.  For renewal eligibility a student must maintain the required GPA and have continued participation in the Honors Program as outlined in the Honors Program Handbook that each Honor Student will be given.  For invitation information please contact the Office of Admissions.

Minister's Dependent Award- recognizes students who are enrolled full-time in the on-ground undergraduate program that are dependents of minister's and missionaries, and that file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with a dependent student status, as well as answering 'yes' to the minister's dependent question at time admission application is made.  For more information please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Music Department Audition and Tarr Full-Tuition Scholarship- The School of Music hosts a Department audition as an entrance requirement for prospective music majors.  Additionally they host a Tarr Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition in various areas such as band instrument, voice, piano, organ, and strings (scholarship will take into consideration all other grants and scholarship eligibility first).  Students planning to major in a music discipline should prepare and plan to attend the audition.  Student must continue as music major and meet the required academic GPA as specified by the School of Music for renewal of scholarships.  For more information please contact the School of Music.

Robert D. McCray Vocational Ministry Scholarship- This scholarship is designed to assist Tennessee Baptist Students preparing for a church-related ministry.  Students must complete the required application and submit to the Dean of the School of Religion by February 1, 2017.  Once awarded, renewal guidelines must be met as outlined in the application, and a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA must be maintained.  Amount of award is $1,000.   For more information please contact the School of Religion.

Steven Rowlett Memorial Endowed Scholarship- This scholarship is designated for graduates of Lee High School in Jonesville, VA or Thomas Walker High School in Ewing, VA.  Students that graduated from either of those high school and are transferring from Mountain Empire State Community College may also be eligible.  You must be accepted prior to the application deadline of February 1, 2017.  The scholarship award may be valued up to $3,000 provided funding is sufficent.  Four scholarship awards are made per year, therefore not all students that apply are selected.  For consideration please contact financialaid@cn.edu.

The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship- We are honored to be able to award this scholarship in keeping with Mrs. Whitehead's legacy.  The scholarship is designated for deserving Christian women attending full-time in our undergraduate program from the following states:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or Tennessee Recipients must also demonstrate financial need as per the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Scholarship amounts may vary, and students are awarded from all eligible aid applicants until funding is exhausted.

Important Notes:  All University gift aid is subject to the University Caps and Limits Policy. 

C-N Grant is based on financial need, are last dollars, and may be reduced or cancelled based on updated information from other scholarship recipient lists or changes in FAFSA information, and may also vary from one academic year.  Additionally C-N Grants may also be funded with University Endowed Scholarship(s) at a later date based on a student's major area of study.  Being identified as a University Endowed Scholarship Recipient is a great honor, and recipients are encouraged to write a thank you note to donors.

Athletic aid is subject to additional rules and compliance, and will be noted on the award letter as a respective sport name, as well as an athletic contract being issued by the Office of Financial Aid from recommendations of the Head Coach, detailing more specific eligibility requirements.  Additionally athletic aid may only be offered one year at a time under current NCAA rules, and cannot be guaranteed as renewable for up to a specific number of years.  An NCAA scholarship athlete will receive either a renewal contract, reduction letter, or cancellation letter annually while on a roster.


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