Fall 2014 Financial Assistance & Billing Readiness

Financial Assistance

  • CN CONNECT Financial Aid Award Letters and the on-line accept and reject aid feature will be available for 14-15 Award Year beginning mid-June.
  • New Students: Review your paper award letter and account statement or review on-line (see C-N Connect below)
  • Continuing Students:  Please continue to respond to request for information, and check your email and C-N Connect account for updated information.
  • Also please be sure to review the 2014-2015 Financial Assistance Handbook for more complete information regarding terms and conditions of your awards.
  • C-N Connect- Login in to your C-N Connect Account and grant E-Consent to gain access under the Financial Information heading.   Once logged in to your account, click the demo to find out more.
  • Verification- If you received a letter indicating that you were selected for the verification process, please submit required documents as soon as possible.  Your financial aid is only tentative while in verification, and will not be able to post to your student account until the process has been completed.  More information is available on the Verification page.
  • Accepting Aid- If you have not accepted your assistance, you may still indicate the awards you would like to accept or reject through your C-N Connect Account under the Financial Assistance heading after you have granted E-Consent.  Once logged in to your account, click the demo to find out how.
  • Federal Loans- If you are a new borrower of loans, see below:
    • Federal Direct Stafford Loans, complete your Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling Session through the website  Complete this no later than August 1st.
    • Federal Perkins Loans, complete your MPN and Entrance Counseling in the Financial Assistance Office at your earliest convenience.  We are located in Butler Hall Welcome Center.  You will have an opportunity to complete when you arrive on campus before spring classes start.
    • Parents: If you will be applying for a Parent PLUS Loan, apply at website
    • Loans cannot be disbursed to your student account, unless the above on-line forms have been completed.
  • Student Employment- If you have been awarded and accepted Federal Work-study, please refer to our Student Employment page for upcoming information about our job fair.  We will host a Job Fair to connect you with supervisors and interview on the spot on Tuesday, August 26.  There is no separate application.  Bring your resume', professional attitude and a smile to get connected with a job this year.
  • Rights and Responsibilities-  Please be sure to review your Rights and Responsibilities as a student aid recipient.
  • Holds- We may place holds onto students records for certain missing paperwork, if you find that you have a hold with our office that is described as FINAID or Financial Assistance, please contact us directly to resolve the issue. 
  • Questions?- email or call (800)678-9061 / (865) 471-3247 or on campus visit Butler Hall Welcome Center 

Billing Information

  • Payment- The Treasurer’s Office/Student Accounts has begun accepting payment for spring less any pending aid, and requires payment of this balance before the first day of class.  Please review your bill to make sure that if you will be living on-campus, you have been charged a room and a meal plan.  Click here for payment information. Beginning in August you will also be able to pay your remaining balance through the e-confirm process.
  • Pending Aid- Financial Assistance will be listed as “pending” until after our fall census date on your student bill.  You will be responsible for paying the remaining balance left after "pending" aid.  If your "pending" aid changes due to a change in your enrollment plans or results from verification completion, you will then be responsible for your revised balance due.
  • Disbursement of Aid- After the fall census date, disbursement of aid will occur to your student account.  This is approximately three weeks into the semester.
  • Pending Aid after Disbursement- If after disbursement occurs, any aid remains listed as “pending”, please check with the Office of Financial Assistance to determine why it was not able to be credited to your student account. You may need to complete additional paperwork, or we may simply be waiting on the proceeds to be received from the source before we are able to credit funding to your account.
  • Payment Plan Option- If you would like to take advantage of our payment plan to pay your remaining balance less your pending financial assistance, click here.
  • Title IV Authorization/Restriction- Federal financial aid is payable towards tuition, fees, room, and meal plan.  To authorize a credit purchase of books and other allowable charges, you must complete the Federal Title IV Authorization/Restriction Form.  Students will complete the Student Form and Parent Loan Borrowers will need to complete the Parent Form.
  • Questions?- email or call (800) 678-9061 / (865) 471-3209 or on campus visit main floor of the Fite Administration Building.


Carson-Newman reserves the right to reduce, modify, or cancel awards when aid limits are exceeded, and/or we determine at any time a student is no longer eligible for the assistance.



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