Class of '69

Class of 1969

Homecoming: October 25, 2014

Gift Chair: George "Eddie" Love

 '69 Alumni Reunion Stats

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 Stats range from Aug. 1, 2013 to Oct. 25, 2014. They will be updated the first Monday of each month.

Donor Honor Roll

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Dr. David W. Blackmon

Mr. John W. Brooks Jr.

Mr. Jimmy A. Cannada

Dr. Diana Dearing Carroll

Mr. Robert L. Cates

Mrs. Gwen Christmas Cates

Mrs. Emory Frazier Clinebelle

Mrs. Margaret Bailey Crawley

Mr. George F. Cridlin

Mrs. Peggy Thompson Crowl

Dr. Daniel L. Darby

Ms. Anne Dark

Mr. William Harold Denton

Mr. Connie W. Dotson

Mrs. Fran L. Dotson

Mrs. Sylvia Dodd Eaves

Mr. Arnold W. Eaves Jr.

Mrs. Kaye Rogers Farris

Mr. Stephen P. Foster

Dr. Dearing L. Garner

Mr. David H. Gregory

Mrs. Monique Patterson Guenther

Mr. Michael K. Hammer

Dr. Gary A. Harris

Dr. Kathleen Everett Harris

Mr. M. Taylor Harris Jr.

Dr. Douglas K. Hembree

Mrs. Patricia Lamance Holt

Mrs. Susan Swann Howell

Dr. Fred A. Hurst

Miss Juanita Inman

Mr. Earl H. Jarnigan

Mrs. Karen Rosenberger Jones

Mr. Robert S. Kalonick

Ms. Jennifer S. Knight

Mrs. Sharon Davenport Lamborn

Mr. John R. Lawson

Mrs. Sue Griffin Lockett

Mr. George E. Love Jr.

Mr. David P. Loy

Mrs. Diane McCarter McFarland

Mr. Ronald E. Meisburg

Dr. Thomas B. Milligan Jr.

Mrs. Linda Sorey Noonkesser

Mrs. Jennie Newman Page

Mrs. Rosemary Sanders Phelps

Mr. Kenneth D. Price

Mr. John W. Riddle Jr.

Ms. Sharon L. Robinson

Mr. Dale R. Rutherford

Mrs. Kaye Monroe Ryon

Mr. Robert H. Seals

Mr. David C. Sellers

Mrs. Linda Hull Sellers

Mrs. Dianne Looney Sharp

Mr. Ronald E. Sharp

Mrs. Sandy Jones Smith

Mr. Carl L. Stallard

Mrs. Betty Gleaves Suiter

Mrs. Carolyn Wells Tipton

Rev. Ronald S. Walker

Dr. W. Wes Williams

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