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Thank you for your interest in the Carson-Newman Eagle Club. Our first priority is the funding of athletic scholarships for students. Each Eagle Club donor’s contribution will be directed to athletic scholarships for C-N's 16 intercollegiate sports. Further, it is a gift that keeps on giving as Carson-Newman student athletes have established a national reputation for career excellence and community service after university.

What began with a handful of dreamers willing to invest in their visions of athletic success has become an ever-growing host of faithful supporters throughout the country. With your generous assistance we can attract the caliber of students necessary to compete in NCAA Division II play. We hope that you will join us by participating in one of our fund-raising events and by becoming a member of the Eagle Club. If you would like information regarding Eagle Club membership levels and the Eagle Club's Hall of Fame Endowed Scholarship program please contact me.

I'd love the opportunity to tell you about our student athletes. They are very special.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mike Turner | 865-471-3364

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